Why A Vision?

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The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

You can go through life flying by the seat of your pants only, in a box only, no vision, too rigid a vision, never willing to adjust it, and any one of these will give you well at some point what we Italians refer to as “agita” and the phrase I use often “OY!!”  I recently posted a meditation to help you find your vision, but I thought it might help if you understood why it’s important and you may need to change and adjust that vision once twice maybe three or four times in your life as you come to new breakthrough realizations and that is fine.  Why have a vision?  

If you are going to take a long trip, three months, even six weeks, would you just get in your care or get on a train without a map, some clothes documents, just nothing, no compass, nothing?  I don’t think so If you were building a house or such, you wouldn’t just to to the site and one day start building without some kind of a blueprint, haphazard, would you?  That wouldn’t be too smart.  If you wanted to get into shape and healthy, you wouldn’t just suddenly start getting stuff off the shelf at a health food store and start being your own doctor, that could have really bad consequences.  Do you see where I am going with this?  It’s important to be able to see past the present and if you look at the state of nations, the reason they are a mess is because often when they try to help other nations they don’t really have a vision and the nations seeking help have no real vision, only a word, democracy, but no real vision long term.  A vision gives us a general blueprint to work with, a springboard to spring off of.  It is important if were are going to  stay disciplined and focused, keep our priorities right and in making decisions not get easily sidetracked in life.   When you have vision and you’ve decided to pursue it, it means that you’re really walking at a deeper level of revelation for your life, means you are proactive, not reactive.  You can still be your true to self spontaneous creative self, but you have a framework to do it in.   We have the vision in our heart, spirit, our soul based on the talents we have and what we love to do, once we have that clear, then we can develop the vision, find it within us as our blueprint for our lives.  Remember we can’t do everything, so we need to figure out what is that gift, talent that really stands out and we can use for our joy, prosperity, also for the greater good.  Sometimes it’s not in a direct way such as a doctor, or a social worker, maybe it’s that the work we do allows us to be connected in ways to others that we can bring awareness of social issues. If we focus on the blueprint that will have us fulfill our greatest potential based on our talents, gifts and use them very wisely, we can create the blueprint to build the house etc.. which is our life.  

The next meditation will go a bit more in depth and specifics about the vision.  We will explore the vision, challenges, overcoming them, goals and implementation of goals. I hope to also bring more songs to you, or spoken word of my original material.

I hope you will support this blog.  Thank you.

 Namaste, Shalom and Amen