Why All The Chaos?

Whatever faith tradition one has, there is the clear understanding that there is a dark and a light force, both exist and there are moments in history and time that they collide in major ways.  It happens in our own lives when we face  tough moment etc.. or when we are tempted to ill gain etc.., fast buck, these types of things.  It happens in the sky, with the weather, in the earth with quakes, two forces colliding and oh boy, yikes.  

Every faith tradition has some form of understanding of end times, but why is it part of every faith tradition.  From a Christian perspective, the more humanity progresses moves into the material world, the farther away they get from the divine, holy, respect for Creator and creation.  As that happens the Dark Angels, satan, his realm, and our own Ego, fears etc..create opposing forces within culture, government, do so in a way that is ever more destructive, by being more and more divisive, categorizing people by outward appearance, rather than all of us a creation most sacred.  That is not to say we can’t disagree, call out sin and all that, sure we can and if we are people of ethics, love of the holy, sacred and such, then we should.  Problem is when that satanic spirit of darkness says we are enemies based on class, race and gender.  Again, not to say that those of faith should not be speaking truth about gender, sexuality, the natural order of things as intended by the Creator.  When special interests start to create hate between groups, that is unholy.  I can loathe someone’s platform and ideology, but when that becomes hating a whole group and going after them with a vengeance as the enemy, that’s a problem.  Looking at it from the perspective of Lucifer, fallen one, if you know you are going to be destroyed at the end of day, at the end times, what would you be doing as that time approaches?  Think of the most extreme terrible twos you can think of in a child, I mean all out chaos, destruction, and you know what The Dark One is doing.  Yup, Lucifer is throwing major temper tantrums of destruction through these ideologies of Humanism, Socialism, Communism, White Privilege and such.  They say misery loves company, well then duh, wouldn’t it make sense that the Dark One wants to take as many souls as possible to destruction with him, in this temper tantrum royale?  Yes, that is the goal and sadly academia, Hollywood and Politicians, coning violence, supporting things most unholy have enabled the Dark One and this ideologies to thrive, sadly.  Humans are falling for Satan’s guiles of wrong is now right, right/ethical/moral, even love of country, and faith traditions is wrong.  Lawlessness is encouraged, rewarded and defense of self, property etc.. is punished.  The Dark One has twisted things inside out, and even in our own lives can put us in a position where feelings of shame, fear etc…cause us to see wrong as right, right as wrong.  In the end the Dark One and his unholy army of angels most fallen, those they take with them will be destroyed permanently.  How much power the Dark One and his realm, our Ego has is in part up to us. What we connect to whether the holy and sacred philosophy, worldview, including life in the womb forming, law and order, or the opposite, is a conscious choice.  I hope that MLK, his dream will be truly fought for and there are no lives that matter more than any other, rather all lives from conception to grave matter, whatever your race, creed, economic status etc.., all lives matter.  History matters, is all included, as the journey of a nation, the good, bad and ugly, and offers lessons, that we understand the true lessons based on faith and reason, not raw emotion.  Whether nations are torn apart from within or tear each other apart depends on us rejecting the Dark One, the unholy etc…