Why Aren’t People Supportive?


Why aren’t people supportive, don’t they want you to be happy?  Don’t they want you to follow your dreams, your heart etc.., find true love, grab it when you find it and not let it go?  

Yes and No.  Friend, family, your boss, they all have become accustomed to things a certain way, and they may even have a certain belief system that says things must always stay a certain way, even if that means everyone is miserable, which is literally not healthy.  That makes zero sense, is without logic, but humans are not always logical, nor do we make sense.  They have a vested interest in things staying as they are.  On the one hand they do want to see you happy, but on the other hand, they are used to things as they are etc…When you suddenly start taking control of your life, make changes to be happy, to reach for the stars, sun and moon etc… and that is going to disrupt the status quo, life as everyone has known it, you may find some of your support slipping away, and people even trying to convince you not to change things.  when things do change, some people you thought were those who cared can do things that might even seem spiteful, cruel, unfeeling.  It’s because they are hurt, confused, panicking even due to things changing, no longer being as they were, and some can’t adjust to the new landscape well.  If there is a situation of relationship change people may feel they have to take sides and that can create a sticky situation and sometimes surprises.  Changes are wonderful and when they bring us closer to our bliss, our joy for the long term, to our truest love and soulmate, our truest vocation all of that, it’s awesome, but it also creates anxiety for others, which is to be expected and reactions will vary from supportive to confused, even angry, hostile for any number of reasons.  We mustn’t be intimidated by the reactions of those around us to the changes we make to our lives, so long as they are done with careful thought and truth to self and our long term wellness, happiness etc…and for the greater long term good overall.  Those who are meant to stick with us will understand and those who are not meant to will fade away from our lives.  We must not resent them for doing so.  We must not let others interfere in the new life chosen because as well meaning as they might be, we must listen to our heart, spirit and deepest intuition, which we must cultivate, and prayerful instruction from the highest heavenliness, not necessarily religion per se, though it can have some valuable insights into things overall, but it can also keep people tied in misery to situations, not very wise.  Should people be supportive? Yes.  Will they automatically be? No.  Should we hold it against them indefinitely? No.  

Shalom and Amen