Why Be Straight Up?

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

Often we feel we have to sugar coat, or say what others want to hear etc…, I understand the pull to do so.

I can be a real shoot from the hip, say it as I see it, feel it, and if that doesn’t sit well with you, not my problem kind of gal. I try to be diplomatic in personal and other situations, but I also don’t feel I should ever be deceitful, or to give false hope. If I feel some tukkus kicking is in order, I will give it, and if I feel boundaries have been violated, personal or otherwise, I might not be so diplomatic in making that known. I know it’s not fun at times for others to deal with that and it can seem like I am being harsh, or pushy, running a loop on an issue. If I feel strongly about something I will shoot fierce and straight from the hip. It’s me, who I am. I used to be a lot more shoot from the him in personal and family situations, have gotten a bit more tame. I also don’t like to give false hope because I would not want that done to me. I want to always keep it straight etc…, not say what others want to hear, or be someone who gives false hope just to ever get something out of a situation.

I guess as I thought of that point, of keeping it straight, I had to also include myself. I had to think about where I want my life to go, what direction, which of course is the arts, inspirational coaching and also leadership for Israel and its’ thriving, not just existing, but thriving. I guess if I were to think about a kindred soul, part of me will always regret things with certain person did not work out, but I can’t undo the past. If I were to say what that kindred soul is like if I were to ask for one in life, I would say he would be as follows. He would be a New Yorker, have a creative side, be perfect compliment and synergy to me and I to him. We would get to know each other well, be always faithful, inspire each other on so many levels, and be there to encourage each other. We would really know each other, so I might do a background check, verify he says who he says he is etc…, his marital status as told to me, unless I knew already for sure, or knew people I trusted who knew and would be straight with me about that stuff. We would do artsy stuff together, and he would be family oriented, have clear understanding of boundaries, having to know you, spend time with you before things moved to a next level. This is with someone new if I were to ask the Lord for a kindred soul, a new person in my life, someone I did not already know. I guess if I am to be straight with myself especially with myself, I guess a part of me has a sense of who that kindred soul is, whether that person actually comes forward as I sense from my meditation and prayer, we shall see.

What matters is that I have a solid sense of self and that if I were to have a person in my life to share my life, they would be a New Yorker and we would be perfect compliment and synergy to each other on all levels.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen