Why Determined, Why Push?


A certain artistic connection of mine, whom I have a strong empath etc.. bond with, and I can sense stuff about, I feel has made changes, positive ones to his life and is ready to embark on a great new journey.  

There are certain things I can clearly see their potential for and them getting out of the usual box they have been in for so long.  I believe they have only started to touch on their talent, what they can achieve, share with the world.  I sense very strongly they have lots of original ideas, material they have not felt the confidence maybe to share with the world as of yet.  As with all of us, we have to have the right people to believe in us, to push us to put it all out there, to believe in us to that extent because it is scary to wear the heart on the sleeve, especially to the public, to put out there all you have created.  I know it’s scary because putting your creations out there and not knowing how the public will receive them, well is not an easy step to take.   I also know the potential is there, greatly for this person to totally rock it and “bring down the house” with the right people being a part of it, encouraging, believing in him.  Not that I don’t appreciate what they are doing as an artist, but part of being an artist is going beyond what you do, expanding the horizons, and I know they can do it, I am certain of it.  I can see it so clearly, and I would be happy to help make it happen because I can see the potential, know how incredible it can be.   If I push and prod, it is not to be a pain, it is because I truly care, truly believe in that person.  I look forward to a lot of coming outside the box for them as artists and on many levels because they can, they have it in them, I know they do.   I can feel it, can sense it, so in sincere friendship, and as a fellow creative, I have to keep pushing for them to go out of their artistic box, not keep doing what they keep doing, but to move to new levels and finally showcase their own material, their own production skills, so much more to the world and what better place than Manhattan, the Big Apple.   When that happens, very soon I hope, I look forward to a front row seat, to helping make it happen.  

Life is not meant to be lived in a box, and we are not meant to hide our light under a bushel, so it is time for this person to shine, to come out of the box and showcase all he’s got and theyhas a lot to show, to offer.  I can sense a bunch of stuff, of ideas, original material just waiting to be shared.  I really hope I can in some way help him bring it to the world from Manhattan, the Big Apple and be their front row cheering him on in sincere friendship above all always because without sincere friendship above all, there is nothing.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen