Why Dialogue?

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I have seen some really crazy stuff on social media on both sides the right and the left, and it is not OK, including a comedian calling on terrorists to commit acts of terror against Trump properties and a call for  a Muslim Registry, which technically is unconstitutional I believe.  We have seen BLM marches with chants calling for the murder of cops and now even groups like White Lives Matter doing the same.  All this and global terrorism due to lack of assimilation is highly problematic.  

This is where I give credit to the Catholic Church, including in the Holy Land, though I do wish they would stop using the word Palestine and Palestinians as no such thing exists, but that aside, they are at least trying to create dialogue in regards to the various religious groups.  They have acknowledged grave errors made in history and all groups must acknowledge errors made in history, as all groups are comprised of humans and humans are not perfect 24/7 or make perfect decisions 24/7.  The world can not continue in this manner and we must find a way to agree to disagree.  We must find away to help migrants and immigrants embrace the new land, assimilate without feeling they are being pushed to give up everything they hold dear in terms of the home culture.  Granted in Islam, especially Wahhabi, the more radical strain, it is a challenge, but faith leaders and even laity must come together look at where they have common ground in terms of wanting world where there is education, opportunity etc… for all, dignity for all human life, protection for life etc.. and how to create together a unified body that says to all their members across the globe “Agree to disagree, but never in or with violence because that is not accepted by us or by the Creator.  If you go to a new land, work to become a part of it, to love it, to assimilate to that land, their laws, respect their traditions, holidays, again agree to disagree, never in or with violence.”  It is up to faith leaders and lay leaders in the faith communities to work as a team to achieve this and help assimilation through their faith institutions.  They have not hate each other, but they also must respect each other’s right to be, yet also call out each other’s violent elements and such, and even within their own groups, renounce that and chastise it strongly vehemently.  

I love my Italian culture and hope to work with the Catholic community through hopefully Most Precious Blood Church and however I can to share it, to honor it, and I am a firm conservative, will share my views on that as I have them, but at the same time, if the conservatives in my rank say things I can’t accept then I will call then out on it.  I will also call out the Catholic Church if it become a sanctuary for lawbreakers of immigration, especially felons.  That is unacceptable and if that puts me in a collision course with the Church, okay, but I will call them out if I have to, any church synagogue etc..that supports a violation of immigration laws and potentially puts us at risk by harboring felons.  I will seek to be as authentic to my heart and soul, as well as Biblical truth as I can, but the one thing I hope I have learned and continue to learn about is dialogue, the only perhaps true saving grace for this society, along with strict law and order of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, true Separation of Branches and Powers with Zero Activist Judges on any court bench.  I also hope you will learn about the faith base of our nation at:  http://wallbuilders.com/fof.asp  May we dialogue and learn throughout our lives.

Shalom and Amen