Why Do I Keep Reaching Out?

mourning us

That is a good question and I even had my cousin ask me that same question, something along those lines.  

As an empath etc.., I have very strong feelings about the few people I make a strong connection to and a certain individual that I have made a strong connection to, I feel is in the process legally and overall of making changes to his life, of freeing himself from certain things to start a new life and realize hopefully the full potential and dreams that I sense are bursting to come out.  We connected instantly, the moment we came into visual contact, we connected, there was a connection, an electricity, something and I feel very connected to them, have sensed their frustration at certain things stalled that they want finalized and quickly, their wanting to spend time with me, but feeling certain things should be taken care of first.  I have felt strongly that there are creative ideas they would love to share with me, and I would love to help them produce their independent shows, promote them all over the internet, really be a part of helping them put out all their original material, and ideas out there.  I see them in a box, with associations that, not to be disparaging, are not really going to get them to the next level of anything in their artistic journey, and circling the same circles, when they really have so much potential, talent if they just could be in the right partnership, open up totally their heart, spirit and soul.  I believe in them so fully, in the connection we have totally, the potential of it on so many levels.  Though they have not made any major moves to bring me into their life as of yet, I understand they feel they have to sort out stuff and want to act in a very honorable way.  I wish they would let me be there for them, be that shoulder they lean on during their journey out of the old and into the new, but all I can do is meditate that they will, and that we will come together on a myriad of levels because I do believe in him and in this great connection we have.  

That is why I keep reaching out.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen