Why Does The Resurrection Matter?


For Christians, we just celebrated Easter and the Resurrection of Christ, and I was not feeling well, so I watched Mass on TV, though as I get older I have to be honest I am drawn more and more to the metaphysical and metaphorical aspect of the seasons, their meaning.  What is so important about this season, about the Death and Resurrection of Christ in terms of my own personal life?  A lot actually from my childhood to this very day, it’s  theme that permeates my life and also one that permeates nations, including the USA. 

In my own life, death and rebirth started with my parents divorce, being in the middle of a tug of war between dad’s family and mom, surviving that, then the tug of war I have gone through to discover my path vocationally, and spiritually, which has been an interesting journey.  I want to balance honoring my family heritage Catholic Italian, but also my own calling and what I feel called to in terms of a spiritual path within Christianity.  Finding that has been a tough journey, not an easy one at all..  I have undergone death and resurrection in many ways in my life, including when fibromyalgia hit hard and I had to give up teaching, working and accept going on SSDI.  That was a death of sorts, and I had to find resurrection somehow.  Jesus has already shown me that no matter how heavy the pain, how hard the death, there is resurrection, there can be new life again.  Yes, the “death” may be painful that you do undergo, but that does not mean you have to stay buried and defeated.  You can resurrect to a new life, even when others, when circumstance might do their best to knock you down and out, you don’t have to stay down and out.  You don’t have to stay angry, bitter, defeated any of it.  You have to make the choice, the conscious choice not to, and even Christ had that moment of feeling forsaken by the Father, but he was then resurrected.  No matter what the death etc…do not let Satan lie to you that the Father has abandoned you, that there is no one out there to help you int he right way.  Never buy into any of the Father of Lies, into any of his lies.  What the sacrifice and resurrection of Christ tells me and means to me personally is that no matter how hard life hits me, I have an army of help and I can hit back, not in a hap hazzard undisciplined way, but in a constructive way with guidance and wisdom.  I don’t have to be defeated, there is resurrection and there is always a way to make it right, even if not overnight, or right away, even if it takes some time, there is resurrection.  Not to say I may not have to adjust my course in life, realize I should be doing something other than what my stubborn ego has been set on doing, but that’s also ok, fine. Again, point is, no need to be buried down under or into a cycle of misery.

Shalom and Amen

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