Why False Accusations Matter

mourning us


In this election the DNC and Killary campaign, along with erroneous feminists like Alred have given credence to false accusations of groping etc…One problem, they have been debunked. That makes this very dangerous.  It makes it dangerous on several fronts.  

It is dangerous because it makes a mockery of real abuse, the kind Slick Willy inflicted on women and the kind Killary inflicted on that 12 year old child whose life she destroyed when she was a young attorney.  It makes it much harder for true victims to make their claim when true assault happens.  Leaked emails show that the DNC took out Craigslist ads for actresses to play the role of victims of assault.  That and Killary destroying the lives of the women her husband truly did assault and of that 12 year old who was brutally attacked and left in a coma shows a dark and horrific heart and soul. For her to claim and Aldred to claim they are champions of women is a bunch of bull.  If they were, they would not be party to these false accusations against Trump and would not be making a mockery of assault, which does scar women.  That is one reason I find the accusations, false accusations against Trump appalling.  

The other reason is that it shows the DNC and Clinton have no character of any value what so ever, nor do they have any viable policy, that they are a continuation of Obma, Alinsky, Marxism and all things that are not what the Federalist Republic Founders of this great Capitalist nation intended for it.  They can not really talk about policy, how it will grow the nation, grow capitalism, the Bill of Rights, Conscience Rights, so they get fake attendees to rallies, hire people to disrupt rallies violently and women to make false allegations.  That says to me, great flaw in character, greater than flaws her opponent might have.  To hire actresses to make up such despicable accusations or even pay or cajole anyone into making such horrible false accusations, whether you or your campaign does it, says a lot and none of it is good.  If I am looking at who gets my vote, based on what the DNC has done, their platform and what Killary has done, approved, the character flaws are too great.  Bankruptcy is a tool of wisdom, pillow talk, locker room talk of a single man, ehhh, but some stuff like what I have seen with the DNC, with Killary’s campaign, her tenure in politics and as an attorney, show flaws that as a Judeo-Christian and Patriot, I can not abide.  The flaws are too great to entrust her to run this nation, too great, particularly her campaign making a mockery of assault on women in so many ways and being a rape enabler, as Dr Gina aptly put it.