Why Friendship and Creative First?

The Journey That is Life.

I was very pleased to receive a Happy Birthday message from a particular connection today, as there is a strong connection, chemistry and all that.  I also understand they are in a time of transition.  What does that mean for this connection?  

My sense is they are not comfortable coming forward until that chapter is fully closed, close to that.  Also, they are not sure what kind of relationship I would be open to, so they are not sure how to approach me, especially closing a chapter that was a major part of their life.  Even when a part of your life does not work anymore, when it has been such an important part of your life, it’s gut wrenching to have that end, to walk away from that.   That is what my intuitive senses tell me, even in prayer. meditation, in regards to this artistic connection, one that instantly was very powerful and strong.  What am I open to?  I am open to friendship, artistic collaboration and whatever else they want to pursue in either or both of those contexts with me.  However, understanding they might need to ease into things, I would probably suggest they reach out to have us work on creative stuff, to share their creative ideas with me, maybe that they have not shared with others, or that others have dismissed because they had him in a box or could only see him in a particular artistic box.  As the artistic collaboration unfolds, the friendship can organically unfold and so can anything else.  I want so much to help him fly, to help him put on those wings and fly as high as he can, without of course getting too close to the sun and burning.  

I understand that we have to ease into stuff because when a chapter closes in life it is a death, doesn’t matter if that chapter was good or bad towards the end, a career, job, relationship, still a death of sorts.  I have to be mindful of that, and be able to let it flow.  In that spirit, I really think that a good start would be friendship, some artistic collaboration.  I hope that he will have closed the chapter/s necessary and that September, perhaps with the Ferragosto, the Italian Festival, we can begin this journey of true and sincere mutual friendship, letting it organically go where it goes.  I do understand that they are Old School and they would not feel right coming forward unless that other chapter were totally or almost closed.  I hope that when it is almost closed, or right after it is closed, they will embrace this connection we have, this friendship offered fully.  It is one that I am so grateful for, and though at times it does frustrate me, but I am seeing his begin to fly, which really makes me so happy.  I hope that we fly and soar as individuals, but also that within this friendship together we can do so as well.  I think that since he is coming out of closing a major chapter of his life etc…, we should take it friendship and creative collaboration letting things organically flourish as they are meant to.  In life you sometimes have to dive in, but with wisdom as well as the heart.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen