Why Friendship, Creative First?

mourning us

I find that being an empath, an intuitive while having certain perks also has frustrations.  I see that in particular with people and connections.

As an empath etc… one can sense and feel what a particular connection feels, that they want to be in your life, want me to be in theirs in some way, but they are not sure what you want, maybe all you want is a professional piggy back, which if you are an artist etc…of integrity you don’t.  However, I personally feel that friendship and collaborative efforts whether for charity or even creative purposes are very good foundations for people to build long term connections on, whether it stays friendship or then goes beyond, that can only be known by exploring the connection fully.  Also if the person has recently existed a long term and I mean long term union, as I sense is the case here, then you want to make sure they have the chance to really heal, and you want to make sure that what you are not taking advantage of any vulnerable point in their life or person.  For that reason also you want to perhaps meditate on them logistically doing whatever is necessary to make changes to their life for their greater good, wellness etc…and as is best suited to building a deep and lasting friendship, bond work together on creative and even charitable projects.  That will also show how well you can both synchronize, negotiate with each other, be in compliment and synergy, so these professional and charitable collaborations if the person can bring you on board, has the courage to, especially if the ball really is in their court, can be a solid way to come together, build a relationship, strengthen the connection etc…  Like I said it could be that it stays at the friendship level or moves beyond, but there is only one way to ind out and that is to take the bull by the horns and start some kind of collaboration, unity on some level to see how the synergy is with the two of you.  It may be that you can make it happen, but if you can’t directly, meditate, pray that they do somehow find the courage, the guts to do so, and chart a whole new course to go with their new life.  If it does go beyond friendship awesome, and if it doesn’t be grateful still and cherish it, nurture it, honor it, protect it, let it be a shinning star like no other in your life, that particular friendship with that person you have a deep psychic bond to.  It will still be an amazing gift.  

Remember also that you can only reach out and let people know your arms are open and so is you life to let them in, the rest is up to them, if they choose not to enter your arms, life etc… even as friends actively in your life day to day, spending time learning, whatever it is that will grow that friendship, well you have to decide when you feel you have had enough of reaching out and meditating on the friendship blossoming and walk away.