Why Given Foreknowledge and Such?

Intuition Is

We have all used the phrase “sixth sense”  “my gut”,  for those whose foreknowledge instances occur pretty regularly even in dreams, what are you meant to do with that information etc…?

That depends and will depend on your spiritual maturity and level of development in the spiritual realm, gift of discernment, all these things.  Does God intend when he gives you Word of Knowledge or intuitive information that you are to act on it immediately, go tell the person what you have sensed about their lives, even what their hubby might be up to etc..?  Uhhh, NO.  Having these gifts, even developing these gifts comes with responsibility for proper discernment, and application.  How do we know?  A relationship with the Creator, and for Christians the Trinity is crucial, and receiving right discernment through scripture, prayer because sometimes the only reason we receive Word of Knowledge and such is to pray, that’s it.  It could be that there is something the Father has prepared for you, you need to train, prepare for, mature into, so then the question is how, that is another series of guided intuitive steps.   Impulsive action on Word of Knowledge etc… can create chaos and so it is important to step back and figure out what it all means, and why you were trusted with this knowledge.  That takes some prayer, meditation and stepping back.