Why I Came Home.

Holy Ghost

The Roman Catholic Magisterium is crucial to Catholic cohesion, and identity, so is a cohesive doctrine, and worldview.  Why does this matter, who cares?

I realize I care, very much.  I realized this as I saw this Pope push aside conservative, in a sense show a level of disdain for pure conservatives like Burke, Muller, and oddly enough in reading a meditative prayer from a book about auras and chakras, one of the prayers talks about accepting the challenge of being a vessel of change, to eradicate the Luciferian spirals of Sodom and Gomorra, destructive use of energies of the male and female energies, a few other things.  It did along with my scratching my head about this Pope, seeing the beauty, young filling at the recent Latin Masses we have had at church, made me realize that the Catholic church if it stays on the right path, has much to teach, much other in terms of life and spiritual truth.  It is a holistic faith, it understand that the Bible is to be understood always in context, sometimes even multiple contexts at the same time.  It understands logic and emotion, science and faith, all things balanced and combined, not one or the other.  It also has a very clear, when those who shepherd the flock do, it has a clear set of boundaries, and those boundaries are important to the church as whole and to community, at a micro and macro level.  Without those clear boundaries, works past, present, and all the church has to teach civilization would not be here, not be civilization with hospitals, schools etc…  Has the church gone a bit wonky with Social Justice? Yes it has, and it has too much Alysnky influence in it, as does the Lutheran church and other denominations Christian and non-Christian.  However, at the end of the day, if I want a truly comprehensive guide to how to relate to all things, including science, then the Catholic Church is were I want to be for that.  The people are not perfect, hell I am not perfect, we are all sinners to some degree throughout the day, the week etc..Yet, I can go into any Catholic church quietly pray, light a candle, chat with my saints, the Trinity and confess any vanities, ill temperament etc.., lift a weight off my shoulders. I have role models that tell me you can turn yourself and your life around, you can be one person and still make a difference in this world.  It brings together beauty, emotion, reason, so much more together into one.

This is why I came home and because I realize Italian means Catholic, it is part of the Italian identity.