Why I Wear Heart On Sleeves

Inspiration Peace and Love

While it might be true that some might be a bit intimidated by my lack of PC, my reaching out as openly and sincerely as I do, and by the fact that I wear my heart, friendship etc… on my sleeve, there is a reason I do so. 

Corpses are for the graveyard, not the day to day living and not for those who truly want to live their dreams as an artist, to inspire others at  deep level, to be alive, to feel alive, to bring that to others.  I may not “dot every I” or “cross ever T” before jumping off the cliff to follow what my heart and spirit guide to follow, but if I am going to be an artist in the fullest sense, and also do any coaching that is effective, then I have to be able to feel, to sense others, connect to others in particular ways.  That goes for friendship also, in that if I am just sitting around waiting for a friendship to move forward, and they are also waiting for perfection of circumstances etc…, well we may all be waiting around for a very long time and that doesn’t sit well with me.  I also have to be able to really face what I am feeling, all of it, not “act out” like a little kid, but I have to be able to face my feelings, desires, wishes all of it in a way that is constructive and will bring me happiness in the long run, bring it also to others.  I can’t do any of this if I decide to shut down, be like  robot, just go through motions, as that would make life fake, all my connections fake etc…  I am not saying be reckless and there is a difference, but I can’t imagine not reaching out, not connecting deeply with others, not communicating what I feel, how much I support them in their journey on a regular basis.  I also have to be careful not to project in terms of making assumptions about whether the other person will accept or reject me in whatever capacity I reach out to them in, and they should never make that assumption about me either.   Since I wear my heart on my sleeve and am non PC, straight shooter pretty much, there is no guessing on how I feel, what I feel and as an artist, I allow myself to be and empath and channel what others are feeling to me through song, so I can understand and they can share what perhaps they fear sharing directly.  To be fully me, fully an artist, a spiritual life coach, I have to be able to fully engage my emotions, express them, even if all the elements are not perfectly in place as of yet.  All I can do is wear my heart on my sleeve, share who I am, what I feel constructively and let the rest be what it will be.  I do wish with some individuals felt they could openly speak and express with me what was in their heart, spirit, soul, happening in their lives, though I sense it as an empath, and I really hope that day comes soon, when they will.  Meantime, I will continue to work to be more open of heart, spirit and soul, and will continue my journey in the arts etc… and reaching out in sincerity, support, as well as aiming for peace, but also to feel fully alive, charged and motivated, inspired to write, sing etc… 

Namaste Shalom and Amen