Why I’m Not Looking For Next Big Thrill

Inspiration Peace and Love


I previously wrote about the restless spirit, quality and not quantity, well I also realized that unlike some others, I am not constantly out there looking for the next big thrill or a new thrill all the time, and I wondered today about that.I realized that really in my prayers, in term of what I need, ask God for as far as a fulfilling life and “thrills”, well…. I only need:

  • a few core good friends and a very special life and creative partner for one, big thrill right there
  • keep creating poetry, music, engaging in very focused activities in the arts
  • enjoy good quality time with a core group of friends over watching maybe old movies,  going to cafes, simple things in life, like Battery park and observing the water, boats, people
  • enjoy great cozy cuddle time with that special life and creative partner watching Britcoms, Hogans Heroes one of my favorite olides, taking walks in the evening, working on creative projects together including seminars, whatever
  • Time on my own creating an artistic piece, watching Hogans Heroes, reruns of Pysch, Mannix (love Connors), taking walks when the sky is overcast and it’s drizzling

These things to me are all very thrilling and exciting, and peace, inner peace at Mass, inner peace in general through the faith, my relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, very thrilling in a beautiful serene way.   While others might feel the need to belong to many groups, seek constant excitement, thrills etc…, in a million different ways, different venues, relive their “lost youth”, even in how they dress,  not me.  I realize I can find joy and thrills right in my own home watching my favorite oldies, walking along the quiet streets in the drizzle and seeing a child with her mom as she smiles and enjoys that same walk in the overcast sky and drizzle.  May that never change, may I always be thrilled by the most simple things in life, like the ray of sun that comes up after a cloudy morning.