Important I Be There For Them, YES!!!

The Journey That is Life.

There a things as an empath, and intuitive that are quite comfortable, and no biggie, used to it, as I have had these Gifts of the Spirit as they are called since I was a little kid.  However, as empath etc…, there is one thing that is hard on the body and heart for me, very hard.  

As an empath etc..I can literally feel the pressure, anxiety, frustration in every way, and I mean every way, sense their thoughts, their desire to be free,  which they are in the process of achieving, to be with me, be creating with me, be realizing projects they have in mind with me.  All they feel I feel, literally at different intervals of the day because I am do deeply connected to them and them to me.  This has now become a most uncomfortable situation for me on every level as much as it is for them.  The more the pressure builds in every area the more I will feel it literally and the more my body will be going through great discomfort.  Their refusal to share what is going on directly with me and be with me, society protocol be dammed and I am not advocating anything outside of spending time together in public, talking, sharing what is going on in our lives, socializing, easing that part of the tension at least and allowing me to be someone they lean on.  Sensing all of there pressure etc… and I do mean all, creates not only the frustration of feeling etc…in my heart, body etc.., but then I have the added frustration of wanting to go find them and shake them and smack them upside the head to say, “Get over here will ya, so my body etc.. can stop being in a tizzy.”  I understand that this person has their own way of doing things approaching things etc.. and they might feel they want to wait for perfect timing and all that, but problem is as an empath, intuitive, their waiting for the perfect time or whatever the hell they are waiting for is wreaking havoc on my spirit, my heart, my body and I do not appreciate that at all.  I know they are not doing this on purpose and they have no way of understanding this really, but the discomfort their pressure build up etc.. and their wanting to be with me so badly, but not moving forward is being felt by me as an empath, intuitive is really annoying the hell out of me.  I am not sure how much longer I want to put with this.  Being an empath intuitive can really be a pain, literally and boy am I seeing that now with this deep connection and my feeling everything they are feeling in their wanting so badly to be with me, to be free of the old life etc…, it’s wow is the best word, along with yikes.  However, as long as they refuse to let me in, or come in, my heart, body, soul will continue to be in havoc throughout the day. Oy!