Why It Matters, More So Today


Tonight I participated in the Sabbath prayer and candle lighting with the local Chabbad and it always is special to me.  It is also special that when my mom has gone to bed on Friday night and also during the day Saturday, find a spot outside maybe, listen to Sabbath prayers.  If we are to honor the original calendar given by God, then Saturday is the Sabbath.  Why a day or even an evening and a Day just for God?  Well when it’s your birthday, the expectation is that at your birthday party you will be given that special attention, so why then would God not ask for one day, and one evening to study his Word, commune with him no outside distractions?  It also really brings people together, for reflection on life’s big questions that scripture and sages can provide, inspired by the Creator of all things.  May we understand the importance of the Sabbath and honor it always.


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