Why Nature Is Every Changing


Nature is amazing, the way the weather changes, the sheer complexities of DNA, of the eco-system, new planets, stars discovered regularly, stars living, dying all of this.  I think about what it means, what is the Creator telling us by having this complex, yet working in tandem system, this fluid system of nature, yet at the same time with core stable, predictable elements withing that.    

Pretty amazing how important the sun is, and how the Creator made it so when part of the earth is receiving sun and awake, another part of the earth is not and resting.  It is pretty amazing how animals differ in how they care for their young, and the feeding system of the animal kingdom, as some are carnivores, others are not.  Everything in the system has a purpose, though we might not think so, everything in the eco-system has a purpose, a role.  For the planet to sustain, those different elements must somehow integrate and work in tandem, instinctively work in tandem, know by instinct to work in tandem.  Flowers must know how to move, in what direction to receive the sun, it’s pretty cool.  You also have points where the earth gets to overheated, too stressed etc.. and natural disasters occur, climate shifts when humanity is in chaos, as the energy we put into the earth atmosphere will impact.  The climate has been changing since the earth was first created, so nothing that really alarms me in any way, not in terms of the eco-system naturally fluctuating, weather wise at times.  The angry etc.. energy does, that’s should concern us.  What does nature have to teach us?  

I was googling life, lessons and I came across this link, which I wanted to share with you because I think it says it beautifully.   


Nature is a gift from the creator that reflects our very nature, our own complexities, life’s complexities, yet simple pleasures if we can appreciate them, and God in his many facets as creator, parent, including tough love parent etc…. Tough love parenting is not always fun for the parent or the family.  A parent may have to ground one child and thus the whole family ends up staying home that weekend, so no one gets to go on the trip because that one child got disciplined.  At times God may seem harsh when he allows stuff to happen, when he allows one person to engage in actions that are negative and it affects the larger group and all that.  However, as parents, do you feel you have the right to micromanage and control every word, action etc.. 24/7 of your child, even your older child?  No, and neither does God, as he gave us free will, but as parents know and God knows with that came and comes consequence, which we don’t like.  Nature can teach us about the good, bad, the ugly and also how to navigate it, to accept what we can change and what we can’t, to discern the difference, so much more.  It along with sacred text, literature, poetry can be great teachers when discerned with calm, the heart as well as the head, wish wisdom.  

I will have the next part of the coaching audio posted by this weekend.  I wanted to tweak it a bit.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen