Why Not Create etc… Alone?

Twin Flame Connections Are Haunting and Amazing

Being an artist and an intuitive, empath, having also connection to that realm, other dimension means that is a great source, a main source.  What does that have to do with being an artist? A lot.

My inspiration for my songs, my poems etc.. comes from that, from these intuitive, empath, psychic consciousness connection moments.  These gifts to connect even when people are not in the same room with me, are not directly in my life, to connect to that realm of people’s psychic consciousness, even collectively is part of my identity as much as is being Italian-American I am realizing.  As much as people can be a pain, drive you up a wall and collaborative efforts are not always smooth, they are important. Also in a collaborative setting, if you can not be overly sensitive and can take it, as well as dish it out, you learn a lot about yourself, people, interaction with people.  You grow hopefully as a person on many levels also because they can see stuff in your work you can’t, including what can be improved upon.  They can also bring you down to reality and earth with your goals and plans if they are too far out there, as much as you might not like it when they do.  Maybe that is also why I have always prayed that if and when I did marry it would be with someone who could also be my artistic partner in life.   I guess I always really envisioned a life partnership in that realm where we would really be a dynamic duo as artists, set the world ablaze without our combined talent.  We would even nurture talent in some way, provide a venue for talent to flourish as a team.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes yeah as an artist you need to have that alone time to work on something specific, flush it out, but I believe that for me anyway the dynamics of working with other energies etc… as long as it was not negative destructive energies would be very important in my journey and trajectory as a an artist, and as a person.  The ego has to be kept in check, which is where the faith life comes in, and can keep one grounded and humbled when you don’t get holier than thou, then you become a holier than thou jerk.   As long as everyone can keep their ego in check, make it a team effort and also respect the individual gifts etc.. of each one then a lot of great stuff can be accomplished and there also has to be empathy that sometimes people are going through stuff and the art might suffer a bit, just for a moment.  It is a very interesting journey to make, and I hope to make it with success, accompanied by some wonderful and talented people the Lord has placed in my path. I really do think working with others as an artist is what I need to do for long term growth and success.