Why Not Ideology Alone?

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The Future is Also the Present.


As this presidential election moves along, the Trump Phenomenon has people scratching heads, and some in total agony that Purist Conservative Ideology and Cruz went by the wayside.  I am not one of them and I understand why Trump, and once he gets into nitty gritty of what he will be doing, really kicks Clinton etc. tukkus, in the end he has a good shot at winning.  Why am I not surprised that Cruz didn’t win?  

Purist Ideology and Political Correctness, that’s why.  In this current society people get very wary of anyone who comes across as too much of a silver tongue, too much like an attorney or a politician, especially if that also comes across as one who will make decisions purely on ideology and Political Correctness, and all that.  People have seen how, hope they have, the problem of any purist ideology, whether that is Marxism,  or Conservatism to where you can’t negotiate in a way that is a win-win for the nation, We The People as a whole, not any one group, as a whole and certainly not to where the government becomes the be all end all for solving problems, at home or abroad.  Is it important to know what you stand for and why? Yes  Will you hold the same views your whole life on all things? Not necessarily.  You may shift views to some extent, maybe not all of them, and even based on life experience, shift them around totally.  That’s part of the human journey, adapting to some extent to things, experiences, thus shifting views.  If you govern exclusively based on the world has to be word for word as your purist, whether Liberal Progressive or Conservative, views are, yo won’t really be governing, you’ll be presiding over and preaching, pontificating.   I knew Cruz was going to have problems because he is PC, and a politician, a lawyer, too much like one, operates too much with silk gloves and silver tongue, the opposite of what people are looking for.  That is also why Sanders is popular with the millennials, because he is not PC.  He is pure ideology is my take on him, so not good for the USA, his plans not really good for us as a nation if they are taking us further Marxist, Socialist in terms of our government.  

People are sick and tired of political correctness, silk gloves, slow action, they want a doer, not a talker, bur someone who has the gumption to call out the media, DC etc.., get int he ring, box and box hard because he hates the bureaucratic system himself and won’t decide on pure ideology.  He will work within the Constitution, yes, but will make sure there is swift action on all fronts, national and international and will see to it that PC goes out the window.  Pure ideology, and PC behavior is not what people want or really need, but to speak the truth of the good, bad and the ugly of the very system they have worded for their entire life, so they can go in and turn it upside down like no one from the inside circle and brotherhood can.  That is why Trump is the GOP nominee, not Cruz or any of the others.  Frankly we don’t need a silver tongue PC attorney or the typical anything in our politics anymore, those people and Purist of Ideology, with no practical sense of anything, how to get us on an economic even keel, make us a strong amazing Capitalist nation and world leader, power in a positive way, no PC needed.  

No need to scratch heads or be dumbfounded because the Trump win is simple to understand.  The people do not want anything that even resembles a politician, or PC, they want action, shoot form the hip as you speak, don’t hold back, tell everyone what you know we want to tell them including the media.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen