Rosh Hashanah -Truly My New Year

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Rosh Hashanah -Truly My New Year


New Year, celebrated all over the world, according to the Gregorian Calendar by most, and I always made those resolutions, but somehow I never could see them manifested. I always felt a wall, literally, felt there was a wall and this has been the case as far back as I can remember and I am nearing 50 now, that big 50.  Now, there is no wall, now my true New Year begins.  Why is this time different?

The arts and spirituality, if you really enter the artist and spiritual path fully, wisely, contemplatively teach you that the world is all energy and vibrations, and that intent, as well as thought, and words have energy, vibrations, shape our lives, our world and what it all looks like, and that’s why Jesus said we would give account for every word because every word shapes the world for good or bad, puts a vibration into the earth, into our lives and that of others.  The same goes with the artist and what he or she produces, whether it uplifts, destroys etc… the heart, spirit and soul of mankind.  I hope in my art to dedicate myself to spiritual pieces and pieces that will bring awareness and discernment, tranquility and so much more to people’s lives, bring vibrations that aid, not harm.

This time I am starting the New Year having purged, with lots of prayer, my past from my heart, spirit, and my soul, released and cut cords with persons from my past with love, wishing them all the things Dolly Parton does in the song “I Will Always Love You” as I prayed and purged them from my heart, my spirit and my soul, envisioned all cords, connection and memories between us and especially toxic to me, scrubbed, dissolved, erased totally.  In my heart, spirit and soul I said my goodbye and how I wish I could have said it has been nice to have known them, but for the most part I couldn’t say that because it had been pain and sadness for me.  Then I spoke to that little girl, that inner little girl who had been trying to figure out who she was supposed to be, but really know who she was and told her she was: IMAGO DEI, heart, spirit, soul a daughter of Abraham, aligned with Elohim, the Consciousness of Christ, the Holy Spirit, the assistance of the Archangels an Angels of Elohim, a Philosopher and a writer. She always would be taken care of as long as she remembered who she was and tapped into that for all decisions and ate only of the the Tree of Life by tapping into this, her authentic self, making all decisions from this Tree of Life, never the EGO.  As long as I remember this, I will be okay, I am okay.

In addition, I have always felt that this notion of a New Covenant and abandoning the faith of Abraham, didn’t quite make a lot of sense.  I have always felt very drawn to Judaism and felt that this was the root of true spirituality, if one could get past the legalistic aspects and if they could understand that Yeshua was simply trying to teach that the sacred concepts are to be carried and burned into the heart, spirit and soul to where they become a natural fabric of your being, your energy, your vibration, not over 600 laws, rules and regulations to save you.  I have been searching for reconciliation of my authentic spirituality of Christ and the root of my authentic spirituality, which is drawn to a metaphysical spirituality and Jewish culture and the Monotheism understanding of Elohim, of God.  Tonight at Kehilath Haderekh I hope to find it.

You see for me the New Year begins now, not in January, but this is my New Year, my re-birth, new beginning, one without EGO and with clarity.