Sexy Was Never About Cleavage

The Journey That is Life.

I often see these women with the boobs half out and the dresses that are up to the crotch, or the slit so high that when they move or sit you can almost see well you know.  For some reason even the older ones and some men have decided this is sexy, or the definition of sexy.  

I never could understand that.  I tried doing the sexy based on clothes thing once or twice and seemed really dumb, really stupid to me.  On the other hand, as I got older, and I mean older, as I did more of the artistic stuff, really got clear and focused on who I was, what my worldview was,  I realized why that was.  When performed my songs, when my friend Kim performed my songs and I was then complimented on the quality of the songs, when Amazon sent me the contract to have my music as part of their archive that is a trajectory of American music experiences, stuff like that made me feel really happy and talent having been realized, that was sexy.  When I can freely let my talents flow, see the audience react, get a response on writer’s network or my blog that shows I have touched people’s hearts etc.., that is sexy.  My showing my boobs etc.. is not sexy, not as far as I am concerned.  Is that sexual, primal? Yes, but as far as I am concerned, that should not be the definition of sexy.  Should you present yourself in a manner that is reflective that you take care of yourself, and look good? Yes, of course, but showing a lot of skin just says you know how to show skin and wear a band aid, that’s about it.  I feel sexy not because of my body, which is not that bad looking, but because of the gifts God has given me and which I also develop and new skills I hope to develop still and wisely apply.  

Too me, that is sexy, very sexy in regards to any person, the full development of their gifts, application of their gifts etc… and recognition of those gifts, even by those who care and show it by recognizing your gifts, even seeing gifts in you you might not see and encouraging that. All that is what I define as sexy.  


Namaste, Shalom and Amen