Yeshua, Messiah, Some Accepted, Others Not

The Journey That is Life.

I keep wondering some accepted the resurrected Yeshua as Messiah, and others did not, and I knew there had to be a reason, but what was it? Well it seems that there is not a single notion in Judaism of who or what Messiah is.  I found a few articles that helped me understand this.  – It seems Yeshua fit this lineage and for some Jews they were ready to accept him thus as Messiah to usher in the Messianic Age.  If one accepts this and who Peter, Paul, James accepted as Messiah then how does one accept Torah and Messiah?  Well, that is a good question and I guess it gets down to the phrase about the Torah will be written in the heart, and it is not about a whole bunch of laws to be kept, but a deeply spiritual metaphysical life, as well as deep relationship with God, very creative one with God.  What about the Tree of  Jessie, grafting?  Again, the grafting could be viewed either way and those who accepted Jesus as the Messiah they felt the grafting was of the Jew and Gentile to be released to an etching of the Torah in the Heart and for life to not be a series of hundreds of laws and commands, but the focus to be strictly on relationship with God, and the Sabbath, how one treats others, the Mitzvot all of that is not command, but all just is to flow naturally from the heart based on a deep metaphysical connection to God through prayer, meditation, and deep relationship to God, in Christ and the Redemptive work of Christ, our gratitude for that great act of love by God.  This is how those who accepted Yeshua-ben-yosef of that day as Messiah came to understand Messiah and his role and the Messianic Age as a time to prepare for the return of Yeshua and when all would be permanently made right.  

I was not aware of the fact that Messiah in Judaism is not just one, but there are two Notions of who Messiah is and one is Yeshua-Ben-Yosef, so for those in Jesus’s day, some embraced Yeshua-Ben-Yosef, son of Joseph and Mary, son of the carpenter, as the Rabbis has foretold.  As that group then spoke passionately about Yeshua-Ben-Yosef, son of Josheph and Mary, son of the carpenter as the Rabbis has foretold and who resurrected, they were able to create a movement centered around this Messiah, around Yeshua/Jesus of Nazareth.  His redemption for all mankind, all he embodied, Torah inscribed in the heart, not as a set of hundreds of rules and obligation, but in the heart, and centered around deep metaphysical relationship that would lead us to live Torah without needing rules and obligations, as it would come naturally was not hard to accept for a lot people.  

Some felt Yeshua was mocking the Torah, trying to push it aside, taking authority away from Torah, as he would often begin with “but I say”.  In fact, he was not and as a learned and knowledgeable Rabbi, he was mealy coming from a place of authority and knowledge.   Those who embraced him as Messiah, when he said he came to fulfill the law and having accepted him as the one of the line of Joseph-Ben-Yosef etc.., well they would have understood that as Messianic probably, interpreted it as such.  Some of his actions etc.. may have been misinterpreted and even those of Paul and James, those who who felt he was the Messiah and had their understanding clashed with others, there was at some point a fierce parting of the ways.   There may never be a way to reconcile the two views of Messiah, but that is life, one of different views.

The question now becomes which version of the Messiah do I believe is the Messiah, having this new information/  Lots to explore and understand, to pray over and ponder.  

Shalom and Amen