Why Some Artists etc..Do What They Do

If I Can

Emily Dickinson wrote this in one of her poems and as I read it I thought of some us artists, ministers, tough love coaches who do what we do, who write the songs we write etc… and why we do it.  I have shared a lot of my life’s journey, and will be recording more of my songs, have them professionally recorded, produced, songs that have meaning, that will hopefully inspire, be light bulb moments for you in your life. One thing I wish I had realized a lot sooner was just how much God does love us and how that love came through in His given moral precepts, then I would have made one or two choices differently that would have saved me many years of heartache.  I would have not have sought after something that I had not businesses seeking after, or been in a relationship I had no business being in.  When artists and others say something is a labor of love, I sometimes though have to scratch my head because I have to wonder if they really do care about the audience they are reaching out to.  I have to wonder if they care at all about the soul of those individuals, even the lives of those people.  As anyone who puts out a product in the artistic, ministry or coaching field what you put out there impacts potentially the entire moral fabric of a person and if who you are influencing is youth, a lot of their years.  A labor of love should be not only love of the craft, but also love of all that is within the realm of what is ethical, of integrity, moral and good, of what will empower people to that path.  I hope that in my own journey as an artist, minister etc…I am very aware and very intentional, understanding this very important lesson.  I hope that when I engage in anything that is a labor of love artistically or otherwise I do so with love of God, Country and all those I serve with what I create and produce.  If I don’t then it’s a labor of love of myself, and that’s not going to help you or really teach me anything either.  This journey needs to be a collaborative learning experience, one that inspires me as I inspire you in that realm I spoke of.  I hope with the help of the Holy Spirit I always do just that.

Shalom and Amen