Why Spirituality Matters

Christ Consciousness

I woke up to my usual routine, my breakfast and my tablet alerting me emails and fb notifications, and when I went on FB a colleague of mine had posted about his son in law here on business in Vegas who had been on lockdown, but I was not sure what had happened.  After breakfast I went on my laptop to see what it was all about.  Horrific, 58 dead so far and over 500 injured.  Now the Progressive Left will make it all about guns, but the man could have used a bomb, so it’s not about the guns.  It did give me a stronger appreciation for a strong, healthy spiritual, even religious center.  Why?

Studies done over and over again have shown over and over again that attendance regularly and involvement in spiritual service, prayer is linked to healthy, stable family life, strong marriages, and well-behaved children. Our founding fathers understood the importance of faith in every day life, even in governance of a nation, which is why you have religious references on plaques of monuments, and why the Ivy League schools were originally seminaries and the primers in all schools were originally the bible. Studies also show that regular spiritual practice leads to an increase in physical and mental health, longevity, and education attainment.  It also teaches us, can teach us about self discipline and discipline in general, about not living for immediate gratification, about me, me, me.  If you get into a steady habit of let’s say attending prayer service, of doing for others, even just a smile to those feeling down, small things, that self discipline will carry into all areas of life, and that into society.  If you learn about civic duties, government restraints that those in power ought to have that sacred texts teach about all of that, understand it all in actual truth and proper context, then you can help make for a society where there is true opportunity and justice for all.  Violence, hopelessness, all those things can be reduced  Spiritual practice on a regular basis can bring peace, clarity, self discipline to you and thus you can then bring it to society.  That was what struck me as I learned of the tragedy of today.  It also made me more determined to write poems and songs of faith, love and spirituality, to for example get into the practice of Tai Chi, to be more involved in classes in my Coop, such as music appreciation, intuitive development to help my creativity further develop.  I am determined to be more consistent in my prayer life, faith life, as I get more prayerful, focused in that I find I have more clarity on other things in life.  A disciplined, not rigid negative, but positive disciplined faith and prayer life, spiritual life can be a very valuable thing, and I hope we can give that gift to our children and for all generations to come.