Why Strictly Capitalist Republic?

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

The federalist founders and those who crafted the Constitution, gave us the Connecticut Plan that finally allowed us to have the Constitution were wise people, and those like my mom who lived through Mussolini’s Fascism, and my family in Argentina who lived through another form of Fascism and such crap understood and understand how crucial a true capitalist, representative, not anarchy democratic, but representative, republic is.  

Human beings are made to explore their gifts, talents, hopes, dreams, to learn to fly and attempt to fly as high as their imaginations can take them, and that includes their spirituality, without of course harming self or others physically.   We are made to research, explore, succeed, or fail and then if we do fail as many times as we fail, get up and keep trying until we succeed. We are made to have clear boundaries in our lives, to demand those boundaries of our government, to demand that there be very clear boundaries between them and us, even between segments of government, with very few exceptions, extraordinary circumstances only.  The innovative mind of man must be allowed to be unleashed, within clear boundaries of ethics, which solid family structures, community structures, even faith structures can provide, and smart but not strangulating bureaucracy can also provide.  Take for example Fiverr, I can get my songs, meditations mixed and mastered, professionally for $15.00, and I can offer my coaching and songwriting services as well.  Same with Sellfy, I can set up my own online store and sell my digital products, even create seminars, audio seminars and offer the pdf material on there for free.  The options in a true capitalist society are endless and fiverr has strict guidelines, so if you violate those guidelines, if there is even the hint of harassment of clients etc.. you are blocked and removed from doing business.  There is bureaucrat telling you what level of abundance, success etc.. you are permitted and if you do truly seek to put your gifts to use, in a capitalist society, no one is going to force you in any particular direction, you can go where your heart dictates, where your gifts lead you and you can have multiple career streams, try doing that in a Soviet style nation.  Try having an idea, an opinion and voicing it, calling out your politicians for the dimwitted morons or criminals they are, see how long you stay alive.  Try protesting anything, though I have no acceptance for rioters or those who were paid to go to the Donald Trump rallies and get violent or cause chaos, that I have no acceptance of.  I also have no tolerance for the progressives, and the LGBT community who is intolerant of the faith tenets of those in the Judeo-Christian or other faith communities who believe as I do that there is a natural order for things and they are not living within that natural order, and who try to force the rest of us to accept their lifestyle etc.. as the norm and violate our conscience in business or the faith community.  I do not condone violence against anyone, so any violence against the LGBT community is unacceptable of course.  As per a Constitutional Republic, there is a right to conscience, and freedom of religion, speech and assembly that protects those of faith to speak their truth, their tenets of faith, which should never be done in a screaming angry etc… way.  It should not be interfered with either, whether it is the Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Atheist, Muslim etc.., so long as their is respectfulness to all others and their beliefs, their right to those beliefs, never a call to hate or violence.  

The founders who had been under an oppressive monarchy, and those like my family who have been under fascists understand the importance of a Capitalist, Democratic Constitutional Republic, a strong one, with very clear boundaries, where the rights of all are enforced, where no one group gets to stifle the rights and speech of the other, so long as there is no violence and such.  That means that businesses whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish have a right to follow their conscience in regards to the tenets of their faith in how they run their business and who they provide or do not provide service to in terms of marriage services, and adoption, key tenets of faith.  It means that government branches must remain clearly separate, and no activist judges or politicians, ever.  Their job is strictly to adhere to the strict originalist interpretation and understanding of and also precedents of the Constitution.  This insures a smooth running society, and will insure the dream of the founders fully come to fruition and that our individuality as well as our collective is respected.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen.