Why Synagogue, Why Judaism?

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I grew up in an Italian-American family, so you can guess I grew up Catholic, went to Catholic school, though trying to get me to go to church was not an easy task.  I prayed and I was partial to certain saints, such as St. Anthony, St. Therese, the Little Flower.   Overall, I was drawn to Synagogue, Judaism, Kabbalah, advocate for Israel, just was.  I was never fully sure why it felt most authentic to me, now I do.

First of all, it’s the faith that Yeshua grew up with, what he practiced, lived with day to day, part of his identity.  Whether I accept him as universal Messiah or my own personal Messiah isn’t even the point, what matters to me is that this faith is connected to who he was.  When I am in Synagogue, involved in Synagogue, I feel connected to him. The same goes for Hadassah and advocating for Israel, I feel a connected to Yeshua, to his heritage, his ancestry, same as when I go to Italian festivals and I feel that connection to my mom’s heritage.  There is a link to him that I have through the Synagogue, through Judaism, that I can not have through Catholicism, or other ways, same as when I go to an Italian regional festival in NY and there are singers singing in the dialect, it’s a special connection you can’t get any other way to the culture.  Even if I am supporting a fellow Italian artist, helping him to go outside his box, to a whole new level, that to me is awesome, and makes my heart sing, makes it fly.  When I am going through service, with the transliterated  prayers, singing in Hebrew, it means a lot to me, just as when I am participating in something with Hadassah.  I am hoping I talk to the Rabbi about formal membership in the Town and Village Temple for September.  I am going to start being active in the adult education classes, even try to learn to read Hebrew, gain fluency to read the prayers, oy!  I found an online site where I can learn Hebrew for free, then it will be a matter of practice, finding someone to practice with.  With that, Hadassah, my life coaching studies, plans to record more material, and continuing to blog, and I hope my prayer answered for my soulmate to enter my life, to sort out his situation and come forward, life ought to be quite busy.  I am fine with that.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen


Born in New Jersey, August 1965, this Italian-American has always had a great interest in music, particularly the Oldies, Country and Ethnic music, including Irish. For over 10 years Ms. Appello passionately taught ESL to students of varying ages. Grounded if her faith and spirituality, Katherine endured a range of issues, including a great deal of pain, which was finally diagnosed to be associated with Fibromyalgia. The essence and the power of music, of words, allow Katherine to overcome these struggles each and every time. We are all blessed to have Katherine’s strength, wisdom, and words to write “Pray For Me Tonight’