Why Synagogue, Why Judaism?

Inspiration Peace and Love

I grew up in an Italian-American family, so you can guess I grew up Catholic, went to Catholic school, though trying to get me to go to church was not an easy task.  I prayed and I was partial to certain saints, such as St. Anthony, St. Therese, the Little Flower.   Overall, I was drawn to Synagogue, Judaism, Kabbalah, advocate for Israel, just was.  I was never fully sure why it felt most authentic to me, now I do.

First of all, it’s the faith that Yeshua grew up with, what he practiced, lived with day to day, part of his identity.  Whether I accept him as universal Messiah or my own personal Messiah isn’t even the point, what matters to me is that this faith is connected to who he was.  When I am in Synagogue, involved in Synagogue, I feel connected to him. The same goes for Hadassah and advocating for Israel, I feel a connected to Yeshua, to his heritage, his ancestry, same as when I go to Italian festivals and I feel that connection to my mom’s heritage.  There is a link to him that I have through the Synagogue, through Judaism, that I can not have through Catholicism, or other ways, same as when I go to an Italian regional festival in NY and there are singers singing in the dialect, it’s a special connection you can’t get any other way to the culture.  Even if I am supporting a fellow Italian artist, helping him to go outside his box, to a whole new level, that to me is awesome, and makes my heart sing, makes it fly.  When I am going through service, with the transliterated  prayers, singing in Hebrew, it means a lot to me, just as when I am participating in something with Hadassah.  I am hoping I talk to the Rabbi about formal membership in the Town and Village Temple for September.  I am going to start being active in the adult education classes, even try to learn to read Hebrew, gain fluency to read the prayers, oy!  I found an online site where I can learn Hebrew for free, then it will be a matter of practice, finding someone to practice with.  With that, Hadassah, my life coaching studies, plans to record more material, and continuing to blog, and I hope my prayer answered for my soulmate to enter my life, to sort out his situation and come forward, life ought to be quite busy.  I am fine with that.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen