Why The Future Gets Scary

Future is Scary



Most of the time I am not too worried about the future, but there are those moments when I see my mom 94 whom I reside with and she seems frail, ready to go.  At those times I have to admit I get just a little bit scared.  I wish I had had more direction, solid mentoring in my past with my gifts as an artist etc… and gotten my finances in better shape.  In those moments when I am not seeing any prosperity from my endeavors, doing what I love, I look at my options for the future, those twilight years, it gets scary.

Now, there are no worries really financially speaking because with my mom’s pension and my benefits we are okay.  However, I realize that when she does pass on, that changes things and I will have to make some tough choices, including whether to stay where I am or sell and go live in a 55+ community.  It’s a choice that will have to be made at some point whether that is sooner or later, the Good Lord knows, that’s his department.  I could go into a panic every time this happens and fear the future, panic and decide I should forget all about the artistic path, and coaching, figure out a conventional way to get financially secure, on track so to speak.  On the other hand I could keep doing what i am doing, pray, meditate and embrace a prosperity mindset and trust that the prosperity is on its’ way.  We fear because the future is the unknown, it has any number of variables, some of which we can’t control.  I can’t really control whether people purchase my music etc…, contribute to this blog, take my seminars, all I can do is offer what I offer to the best of my ability.  As for where I end up, well there I do have some control, even if to some it is dictated by finances.  I have already started looking at these types of communities, which ones my instincts tell me I should look at at some point in the near future.  We often get into a funk or panic in the moment and if we let that moment be something we marinate in for a long while, we will feel like we have no control, none.  That’s pretty sad because we always have some control at some point and the only obstacle is realization of that fact.  I hope as we learn to be more intuitive etc… that will change.















































































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Future is Scary