You Can Go Home Again

raise a toast

There is a song about going home again and in some ways you can.  Can you go back home on a clean slate?

When I say go back home, not talking about a house or location necessarily, but as I watch my life unfold I am seeing a coming full circle. Recently, the daughter of a childhood friend I had lost contact with got in touch with me, friended me on FB, and today I chatted with her mom, so I am reconnecting with a childhood friend, and her kids with whom I was very close when they were young.  Whatever happened that had us drift apart, doesn’t matter. We were family and when my friend’s mom connected to us again we were thrilled, it was a homecoming, that reconnecting.  I am finding that the same goes for my faith life, I am coming full circle in embracing the faith that I grew up with, that is my heritage, seeing the beauty and value of it, its’ core teachings, even when there are those within ranks that try to pervert and destroy the core teaching to suit the world forgetting what Jesus said that his sheep were in but not of the world.   I am going home again, finding my way home.  It has been a rocky road and relationship with my faith, and I will continue to tweet the Pope, others in the church as I see fit to issues corrections when they are not clear, not holding fast to the core traditional teachings etc…, but I am appreciating the faith.  As for my vocation, I have been longing to be an indie artist as far back as I can remember, writing and creating as far back as I can remember, so having this youtube channel, either link will get you to the same place, is in a sense going home to me.

Going home in different situations can also mean reconciling with the past, being able to release it.  That takes a lot of courage, the courage to forgive, to accept that we are human and will screw up periodically.  It takes maturity, ability to let go, move forward or move on, mutually.  It means changing patterns, shifting mindset.  Is it easy, no, for some it comes a lot more easily than to others.  My mom, great lady, good woman, but she has not been able to forgive my dad for being weak and not standing up to his family and his family for what they did, how they treated her and their interfering in her marriage to my dad, his sister and his mother, she has not been able to.  That and certain things from her living through the second war in Italy, Fascism, different stuff in her early years, she has not been able to let go of.  It clouded how she lived her life and created a negative vibe etc… passed on to me. I can forgive pretty easily and forgetting is not a problem either.  Every once in a while a memory might come up and make me sad, or even annoyed, slightly pissed off, but overall, I don’t recall stuff over and over again.  Am I a stickler for detail at times and pushing for clarification on all sides?  Heck yeah!!  Overall I don’t hold on to a memory etc…, and am able to pretty quickly forgive, start from scratch.  Doesn’t mean I don’t have my limits and I will accept being treated like a doormat and crap, but I can go home whether as described above or in reconciling myself to the past, and in pretty immediate forgiveness to move forward and onward.