Your Heart, Head, Psychology…?

Inspiration Peace and Love

Often we have this notion that we have to listen to one or the other, that the heart only is right or logic only is right or religious dogma only is right. Is that really the case?

No, not really. Yes there is basic natural order when it comes to sexuality and marriage and that has nothing to do even with religious dogma, just natural order and biology. What about love, true love and who you are in love with, figuring who to be with? Is your heart right, or your head or your life coach etc..? Which part of your consciousness is right? Extensive studies have shown that the heart informs the brain, not the other way around, including red flags. The heart, the gut is the guide that informs the brain, but how do you discern the messages? Panic, worry and doing what you think the world expect you do do is not the answer. You need to find quiet time and space, maybe communing with nature, go within, and allow there to be an inner dialogue to allow yourself to have a Q & A between your heart, spirit, and brain. You need to have the heart explain to the brain why you feel, sense what you do etc…, rather than be in a panic, a paralysis, inertia, stuck etc… You know the answer, we know the answer, God, the creator of all things wants us to have the answer, will assist us to get to that right answer, and we may not like the answer, or feel comfy with the answer we get, but hey, that’s life.

I find myself realizing every fiber of my being knows who my truest soulmate kindred soul is and will be spending it with. I have resisted it, this gut, heart knowledge and have had to have an internal dialogue as to why, and it was not comfortable, but necessary. I have had to have dialogue about s few other things in my life also not comfy, but necessary. I am realizing that it is not a matter of choosing the heart, spirit or the head, even dogmas only. It is about all these things, but allowing the heart to ultimately inform and guide all of it, aligning all I do and live by with the heart, having internal dialogue periodically, harmonizing all things to align with my heart, what it knows is what is right for my life, for me, even if I may not understand it fully right now.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen.