Your Soul May Always Haunt Me

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Like a whispering wind in the trees, or a phantom hovering always hovering
Your soul may always haunt me.
Like a distant melody you can’t get of your head, or an unfinished symphony piece that could have been amazing to live,
Your soul may always haunt me.
Like a faint cologne that swirls in the air, sweet and nostaligic, yet painful so you don’t want to recall,
Your soul always haunt me.
In this and so many other ways,
Your soul may always haunt me.

True Twin Flame love is the highest possible form of love and it provides you with all the tools for your personal development. It is a kind of love that is both unsettling and all-embracing at the same time. he Universal Twin Flame love energy flows tangibly in every vein, they are each other’s ultimate mirror. Universal destiny drives them to unite. The Higher Conscience reconnects them over and over again. After meeting your Twin you will awake spiritually and you will learn to love unconditionally. You may come to face inexplicable ailments or physical changes, such as an accelerated or irregular heartbeat. And your clairsentience, claircognizance and clairvoyance abilities may develop rapidly.


Moreover, you may often experience extreme and at times upsetting mood changes, ranging from complete confidence and inner knowing to distrust and doubt. One minute you are absolutely sure, the other all faith has gone! After meeting your Twin you can feel hopelessly lonely and not being understood at all. Everything regarding ‘normal’ love you believed in is suddenly overthrown. Love as you knew it from romantic movies and books needs new insights. You cannot associate yourself with that love any longer, and you are no longer able to move on as an individual. You and your Twin are One: a unity, two flames of the fire of life. You are so close, you are One. Forever the perfect ‘double strength’ of life. You have been ‘renewed’, for every single minute to come, forever. And this is hard, to say the least.


Twin Flame love is not something that can be comprehended with ‘normal intelligence’, it reaches far beyond any kind of ‘regular’ love and it simply comes over you.

No, it is not easy, and it will haunt you forever in some shape for form. Another lesson learned, but sometimes one is left with no choice by the other person but to move on barring a miracle.