Youtube Channel First Videos

Inspiration Peace and Love

Today I took my digital camera with me and decided that if I was drawn to anything, I would take a video or a photo.  I am not an expert, so I knew that they might not be perfect, but youtube has ways to improve the quality, so it wouldn’t be too bad.  The point wasn’t about whether the video or photos were perfect or not because I keep thinking back to that performance that Metaloaf did in NY of “Crying Out Loud” where he just decided to perform and whatever happened, happened, however the audience felt about his performance, well the heck with it.  The main thing was just doing it.  I want to do photography, sketching, to go beyond any one aspect of the arts.  I don’t want to be in a box,  a corner, defined by one particular label as an artist, or have anyone do that to me.  I want to have wings to fly high and wide, but for that I am going to have to take risk, put myself out there on a limb, and yeah it is scary, but good scary.  This youtube channel is part of that journey and I thank you for being there with me as I make this journey.   I hope you will subscribe and help me reach that 100 subscriber mark so I can get the personal URL, thank you.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen